Combating Malnutrition With Moringa

moringa supplementThe moringa tree is currently being used to help fight malnutrition around the world. The tree is native to tropical climates. The robust tree adapts well to different conditions so that it is easy to cultivate regardless of individual soil compositions or minor temperature fluctuations.

The tree produces seedpods, seeds, leaves, bark and roots that are all useful and edible. The extent that moringa is able to help fight malnutrition is only just starting to be understood on a large scale. Moringa is helping to combat malnutrition in a number of ways.

Moringa Nutritional Content

The most direct way that moringa is helping to stop malnutrition around the world is as a nutritional supplement. The variety and concentration of vitamins and nutrients in moringa are not found in many other foods. They are especially rare in this combination in plants that will grow in harsh climates. The leaves can be eaten directly, cooked or formed into a pulp. The seeds are made into a meal and oil is extracted from that meal. The moringa provides vitamins C and A. It also contains B complex vitamins, calcium, potassium and iron. Moringa has a healthy amount of protein that helps with energy production, weight loss, and other cellular processes. Just a small amount of the leaves is enough to stave off malnutrition when eaten with other foods.

Clean Water And Food with Moringa

The powder and oil that is made from the seeds has antibacterial properties far beyond anything else that can be found in nature in certain parts of the world. The powdered seeds are making it possible to turn dirty water from streams and water holes into clean and drinkable water. This provides communities that are far from wells or other clean water sources with a way to prevent dehydration. Moringa seed powder and extract kills harmful bacteria in the water that can cause dehydration and malnutrition. The antibacterial properties make food that is prepared with moringa more sanitary before it is eaten.

Better Health with Moringa

People around the world who are in danger of malnutrition are able to add a small amount of moringa to each meal in order to receive the nutrients that are necessary in order to promote good health. This has resulted in entire communities that are now full of residents who have more energy, who get sick less and who no longer die from minor diseases.

The superfood cannot substitute for regular meals although moringa is capable of turning foods that have no nutritional value into something that is healthier to eat. Better health in the community means that more people are able to participate in agriculture and other tasks each day.

Moringa Improves Childrens Health

Moringa is helping to prevent malnutrition in pregnant women and babies. Pregnant women who eat the leaves or extract are provided with enough vitamins and nutrients to reduce complications that could occur later.

The moringa leaves also help women to recover after birth. The extract promotes lactation so that newborns are healthier and receive the correct balance of vitamins from the mother. This is helping to stop malnutrition at birth and during the first weeks of life.

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